A Level Exams in Singapore

The Singapore-Cambridge GCE A level Exam is carried out every year, pupils usually takes the exams either by studying in a Junior College or by enrolling being a private applicant.

Private tutoring became one of the most favored kinds of personal tuition being sought. Due to the neck-breaking timetable, incredibly challenging curriculum, and incredibly competitive and stress filled setting confronted by most Junior College pupils – getting home tuition is becoming a requirement to survive.

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pupils have reported that the A-levels exam in Singapore is unbelievably hard. In fact, the Ministry Of Education partners together with the University of Cambridge to create A level papers, which makes it a lot more tough compared to the standard A-levels tested in the united kingdom.

Each and every year, the degree of difficulty will increase, particularly with a lot of foreign students arriving to battle for restricted university places in the country. A lot of local pupils have been working very hard for 2 years and nevertheless failed to pass their A-level examinations.